Dear, Dear Friend

There is a longing to step just off the trail and see some beauty that is hidden just out of view. By photographing my journeys through the woods, I create an object to accompany a memory, a trigger to a story. My work has been an exploration of the world around me; my chance to take the places I have been and the beauty I have seen and bring it back to the everyday. In photographing the natural world, I am reminding of the beauty that can be found just off the highway. I have learned through the years that this highway has taken me from where I have been and will lead me wherever I want to go. 

As I have developed my desires to be a part of nature and the civilized world, I have found that my techniques mimic this dichotomy. I choose to make photographs using traditional methods. There is something truly magical about the latent image. The time lapse between releasing the shutter and getting my film back from the lab makes me long for the places in my memory; the places photographed or just remembered. The time spent in the places I photograph is as important to me as the technical aspects of the image. I take pride in the notion that my image creates this sense of yearning for the places they capture.